Hot Bread Now!


Artisan Walnut Bread

Remember that childhood feeling when you convinced your parents to go to the donut shop and as soon as the car pulled into the lot the neon red “HOT DONUTS NOW” sign lit up? That is exactly how I felt this morning when I turned onto our road and saw a sign declaring “Suzannne’s Wood Fired Bread Today.” Suzanne stopped making her breads late last fall and I have been eagerly anticipating her return. I heard rumors that it wouldn’t be until June. I had hoped it would be as early as Easter. So imagine my delight when I saw her sign today? I pulled over, parked and walked to the community oven to see what was on the docket.

Norwich Community Oven

Norwich Community Oven


Susan building up the fire.

Every Friday through October, Suzanne shows up early with wood and kindling to build and feed a fire in the old monstrous wood burning oven. In the back of her pick-up truck are large silver bowls filled with dough that she sets out on her workstation to rise. She has a wooden stick that lists what types and flavors of breads she will be offering up. I jotted down our family favorite – walnut bread – on a brown paper bag and put $7 dollars in the tin. She told me that the walnut was rising a bit slow and that I should wait to come back in four or five hours.


Bagged bread ready to go!

Other folks stop by on their route home to pick up breads they ordered on their way into the office. One of the best things about living in Norwich is living just up the hill from the oven.

I suppose Suzanne’s reappearance is one more confirmation that winter is finally over and summer is nudging its way out from around the corner.


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