The Tunbridge Worlds Fair

It happens every September, and has since 1845, the tiny town of Tunbridge, Vermont hosts its World Fair. The event draws people from across Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. This was our first experience and we are already talking about going earlier and staying longer next year!


Of course there are rides and fair food and entertainment, but the vegetable and animal competitions are the best part. The vegetables were huge – amazing – every conceivable kind of vegetation. img_3013

I love the cows and the sheep but to be honest, my favorite are the chickens and birds. I had no idea there were so many different kinds:


There were also pig races! But I can’t post video on here so you’ll have to go to our facebook page.   Check out the fair and book into the CH for next year’s round! Remember to call our new number – 802-359-7046 to avoid paying fees through VRBO or Air B&B.





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