You Say You Have Never Been to a Wool Festival?

Pigs, really? They don't have wool.

Pigs, really? Aries the goat gives us some attitude.

Well, then you haven’t truly lived, have you? Saturday we went to the Vermont Wool and Sheep Festival and had a really good time. I can’t make this stuff up! Vermont offers so many interesting experiences and they are all within an hour drive. This one was held at the Tunbridge fair grounds – just a 45 minute autimnal drive under canopies of rust, yellow, green and gold leaves – along river banks and beneath rocky hieghts.  At the festival there were sheep, goats, alpaca’s for petting, for sale, for demonstrating how their wool becomes string, yarn and then wonderfully warm items to wear or enjoy.


We saw how spinning wheels work as the fleece of an angora rabbit was fed and twisted into a string that gathered on a poll as the wheel spun it round. And, there are all sorts of types of spinners, some with foot pedals and then the really ancient kind that use gravity to drop to the floor and pull and twist the fleece into thread or yarn.

We watched a modern day shepherd show how his dogs work with the sheep. He used whistles, commands and sounds to illustrate how the collies understood and executed his orders. It was a special thing to see in an era of cell phones and wifi.

There were lots of items for sale everywhere including yarn, pelts, sweaters, hats, handwarmers, mittens, stuffies and christmas ornaments!


We won’t soon forget our time at the wool and sheep festival. I’m just lucky we made it home without a new member of the family – the girls were trying to goad me into adopting another kid or some sheep.


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